SimCity 2000 for Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance

Strategy simulation managerial city-building
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SimCity 2000

Online version of SimCity 2000 for Game Boy Advance. SimCity 2000 (SC2K) is a simulation/city building video game and the second installment in the SimCity series. In SimCity 2000 the view was now dimetric instead of overhead, land could have different elevations, and underground layers were introduced for water pipes and subways. New types of facilities include prisons, schools, libraries, museums, marinas, zoos, hospitals and arcologies. Players can build highways to neighboring cities to increase trade and the population...

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Released in
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Maxis Software Inc.
PC DOS, Amiga, Macintosh (1993), Windows 3.x (1994), Sega Saturn, SNES, Windows (1995), PlayStation (1996), Nintendo 64 (1998), GBA (2003), PSP (2009)
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SimCity 2000 is currently playable only in version for Game Boy Advance.


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Game Boy Advance

Online emulated version of SimCity 2000 was originally developed for the Game Boy Advance (GBA), an 32-bit handheld game console developed, manufactured and marketed by Nintendo as the successor to the Game Boy Color. It was first released in Japan on March 21, 2001. The GBA is part of the sixth generation of video game consoles. The original model does not have an illuminated screen; Nintendo addressed that with the release of a redesigned model with a frontlit screen, the Game Boy Advance SP, in 2003. A newer revision of the redesign was released in 2005, with a backlit screen. The final redesign, the Game Boy Micro, was released in 2005. Backward compatibility for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games is provided by a custom 4.194/8.388 MHz 8080-based coprocessor.

With hardware performance comparable to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy Advance represents progress for sprite-based technology. The system's library includes platformers, SNES-like role-playing video games, and games ported from various 8-bit and 16-bit systems of the previous generations. This includes the Super Mario Advance series, as well as the system's backward compatibility with all earlier Game Boy titles. While most GBA games employ 2D graphics, developers have ambitiously designed some 3D GBA games that push the limits of the hardware, including first-person shooters like a port of Doom and racing games like GT Advance Championship Racing.

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