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Action multidirectional shooter top-down sci-fi vector
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Online version of Bedlam for Vectrex. Bedlam is an arcade multi-directional shooter in space developed by General Consumer Electronics on Vectrex home consoles in 1983. The player controls a cannon in the center of the screen that can rotate 360°. Around the player is a star-shaped geometric form that changes from stage to stage. The corners of the star emit enemy ships that must be destroyed. The ships have different attack patterns, from ones that just travel in a straight line towards to ones which are indestructible and can only be pushed away from the player. If one of the enemy ships makes contact with the player, they will lose a life...

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Released in
Milton Bradley Ltd.
General Consumer Electronics - GCE Inc.
Vectrex (1983)

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Bedlam is currently playable only in version for Vectrex.


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Vectrex console

Online emulated version of Bedlam was originally developed for Vectrex, a vector display-based home video game console – the only one ever designed and released for the home market, developed by Smith Engineering. It was first released for the North America market in November 1982 and then Europe and Japan in 1983. Originally manufactured by General Consumer Electronics, it was later licensed to Milton Bradley after they acquired the company. Bandai released the system in Japan.
The Vectrex, in contrast to other video-game systems available at the time, featured an integrated monochrome CRT monitor and did not need to be hooked up to a television set as it provided its own built-in display. A detachable wired control pad was mounted at, and could be folded into, the lower base of the console. Games included translucent color sheet overlays that could be placed over the monochrome screen. A number of peripherals were produced, such as a pair of 3D goggles known as the "3D Imager" and a "light-pen" that allowed the player to draw directly on the screen. A built-in game, Mine Storm, was playable without inserting a cartridge.

Technical specifications: CPU: Motorola 68A09 @ 1.5 MHz, RAM: 1 KB (two 4-bit 2114 chips), ROM: 8 KB (one 8-bit 2363 chip), Cartridge ROM: 32 KB, MOS 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA), Sound: General Instrument AY-3-8912, MCU controlled sound, 3-inch electrodynamic paper cone speaker;

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