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Wolfenstein 3D for SNES

SNES 1992, Apogee Software, Ltd.

Wolfenstein 3D is a video game that is generally regarded as having popularized the first person shooter genre on the PC, created by id Software. Player is an American soldier named BJ Blazkowicz attempting to escape from the eponymous Nazi stronghold; there are many armed guards, as well as attack dogs. The building has a number of hidden rooms containing... 310

Worms for SNES

SNES 1995, Ocean Software Ltd.

Worms is an artillery video game developed by Team17, originally created by Andy Davidson. It is a turn based strategy game where a player controls a team of worms against other teams of worms that are controlled by a computer or human opponent. The aim is to use various weapons to kill the worms on the other teams and have the last surviving worm(s).... 544

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