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Uncharted Waters for SNES

SNES 1990, KOEI Co., Ltd.

Uncharted Waters (Daikōkai Jidai) is the first game in the popular Japanese strategy game series, produced by Koei as part of its Rekoeition games. The player assumes the role of Leon Franco, the young, ambitious son of a noble family fallen on hard times in Portugal. The goal of the game is to restore the family's former glory and achieve Leon's dreams.... 339

Universal Soldier for SNES

SNES 1992, Accolade, Inc.

Universal Soldier is console conversions of Turrican II for the Mega Drive and Game Boy, produced by The Code Monkeys for Accolade, who had kept the rights for the console ports of the franchise. You control Van Damme's character as he turns against his platoon and attempts to bring down the corrupt government organization that created him. Turrican's... 187

Wing Commander for SNES

SNES 1990, ORIGIN Systems, Inc.

Wing Commander is the first, eponymous game in Chris Roberts' science fiction space simulation series set in the 27th century, the games tell the story of humanity's war against the Kilrathi, an alien species of large feline bipeds. Launching from carrier ships, the player fulfills various missions in starfighters. The games were all notable for their... 157

Wizardry 5: Heart of the Maelstrom for SNES

SNES 1988, Sir-tech Software, Inc.

Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom is the fifth scenario in the Wizardry series of computer role-playing games. Wizardry V represents a complete revision of the gaming system used in the first four installments, with larger mazes, new spells and character classes, and an expanded system for combatting and interacting with creatures. It is also the... 170

Wizardry I-II-III: Story of Llylgamyn for SNES

SNES 1999, Media Factory, Inc.

Wizardry I-II-III is an excellent remake of the first three Wizardry games for the Super Nintendo, combined in one `game` that lets you play each of the three titles in any order (with the ability to import your party as well). The gameplay, fans will be happy to note, remains the same: a tough first-person dungeon crawl that many die-hard RPG fans... 282

Wolfenstein 3D for SNES

SNES 1992, Apogee Software, Ltd.

Wolfenstein 3D is a video game that is generally regarded as having popularized the first person shooter genre on the PC, created by id Software. Player is an American soldier named BJ Blazkowicz attempting to escape from the eponymous Nazi stronghold; there are many armed guards, as well as attack dogs. The building has a number of hidden rooms containing... 553

Worms for SNES

SNES 1995, Ocean Software Ltd.

Worms is an artillery video game developed by Team17, originally created by Andy Davidson. It is a turn based strategy game where a player controls a team of worms against other teams of worms that are controlled by a computer or human opponent. The aim is to use various weapons to kill the worms on the other teams and have the last surviving worm(s).... 726

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