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Centurion: Defender of Rome for PC DOS

PC DOS 1990, Electronic Arts Inc.

Centurion: Defender of Rome is a turn-based strategy computer game with real-time battle sequences by Bits of Magic, designed by Kellyn Beck. The bulk of the game involved real-time battles (of a nature that can be argued to foreshadow later real-time tactics and real-time strategy games) against various enemies of the Roman Empire, including barbarians,... 1280

Cervii (Červi) for PC DOS

PC DOS 1993, Freeware

Worms (Červi in Czech) is a czech snake variant game for 2-6 players at hot-seat, were all the players control their worms on the same screen. From the very beginning, each worm is increased in length with same speed in certain direction. By default, player should not collide with other worm bending its increase to the left or to the right. However,... 2258

Chasm: The Rift for PC DOS

PC DOS 1997, WizardWorks Software, GT Interactive

Chasm: The Rift is a first-person shooter game developed by Action Forms. The game uses an original engine capable of weather effects and ambient sounds. Though the engine is capable of rendering 3D objects. The player takes on the role of an unnamed Marine whose mission is to stop the so-called Time Strikers, mutant beings invading different time... 270

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer for PC DOS

PC DOS 1987, Electronic Arts, Inc.

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer is a computer aircraft simulation game developed by Edward (Ned) Lerner and published by Electronic Arts in 1987. It was originally released as Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator but due to a legal dispute with Microsoft over the term "Flight Simulator," the game was pulled from shelves and renamed. Chuck... 157

Command & Conquer for PC DOS

PC DOS 1995, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Set in an alternate history Earth within the year 1995, Command & Conquer tells the story of two globalized factions; the Global Defense Initiative of the United Nations, and the ancient quasi-cult, quasi-state organization known as the Brotherhood of Nod, becoming locked in a mortal struggle for control over a mysterious resource known as Tiberium... 1925

Commander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars for PC DOS

PC DOS 1990, Apogee Software, Ltd.

Commander Keen is a series of video games developed by id Software in the early 1990s. The series focuses on the adventures of Billy Blaze, an 8-year old boy who travels through space and assumes the identity "Commander Keen". In Invasion of the Vorticons, the player can walk left and right on the screen, and jump to get on higher platforms. Some of... 335

Corporation for PC DOS

PC DOS 1990, Core Design Ltd.

Corporation (originally released for Amiga in 1990) is one of the earliest 3D first-person shooter games, predating ID Software's Wolfenstein 3D (1992). It was also the first of its kind to utilize dynamic lighting. Gameplay was very complex for its time, featuring role-playing, stealth and hacking elements, similar to the later System Shock and Deus... 74

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion for PC DOS

PC DOS 1994, GameTek, Inc.

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion is a first-person shooter computer game developed and published by Capstone Software. It was widely ignored for its outdated Wolfenstein 3D engine, which was technologically surpassed by Doom at the time... 157

Crazy Cars for PC DOS

PC DOS 1987, Titus Interactive S.A.

Starting Titus' racing series of third-person perspective racing games, Crazy Cars encompasses the American Cross Country Prestige Cars Race. This takes in several parts of the USA, in several powerful cars. Initially you have a Porsche 911 Turbo in your hands, but this can later be upgraded to a Lamborghini and then a Ferrari... 238

Cruise for a Corpse for PC DOS

PC DOS 1991, Delphine Software

Cruise for a Corpse (orig. Croisière pour un cadavre) is an adventure game from Delphine Software International, made for the Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC in 1991. The game is designed as a murder investigation. The player assumed the role of Raoul Dusentier, a man invited to spend some time on Niklos Karaboudjan's boat. Quickly after arriving, Karaboudjan... 135

CyberMage: Darklight Awakening for PC DOS

PC DOS 1995, Electronic Arts, Inc.

CyberMage is a first-person shooter game with RPG elements, set in a cyberpunk reality is characterized by a dark, heavy atmosphere. It wasn't particularly successful in sales, which is attributable to high system requirements and gameplay difficulty. Set in the year 2044, the game features a world ruled by corporations and groups of anti-corporation... 101

Cycles, The: International Grand Prix Racing for PC DOS

PC DOS 1989, Accolade, Inc.

The Cycles has similarities to Grand Prix Circuit, except it is a motorcycle racing sim. The game includes all the tracks of 1989 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. Laguna Seca and Goiania circuits are not available when you choose 125cc bike... 614

CyClones Demo for PC DOS

PC DOS 1994, Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)

CyClones is a 1994 first-person shooter developed by Raven Software and published by Strategic Simulations. It is notable for pioneering the use of mouse-controlled aiming in a first-person shooter. The player controls the "HAVOC unit" in a series of missions given by the Earth government to confront and push back the alien invaders and their clone... 95

Dangerous Dave for PC DOS

PC DOS 1988, Softdisk Publishing

Dangerous Dave is a 1988 computer game by John Romero. It was developed for the Apple II and DOS as an example game to accompany his article about his GraBASIC, an Applesoft BASIC add-on, for the UpTime disk magazine. The object of the game was to collect gold cups to move on to the next level. Since the original 1988 publishing of Dangerous Dave on... 86477

Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion for PC DOS

PC DOS 1991, Softdisk Publishing

Dangerous Dave In The Haunted Mansion is a 1991 sequel of the computer game Dangerous Dave. It was created by John Romero, John Carmack, Adrian Carmack and Tom Hall. It was developed on the Shadow Knights engine with some extra code for smoother character movement. Also an auto-loading shotgun debuts in the game... 11806

Darker for PC DOS

PC DOS 1995, Psygnosis Limited

Darker has the player assume the role of Tolly, a civilian shuttle pilot in the city of Delphi, the only city situated on the dark side of a planet in synchronous rotation around the local star. The player must defend Delphi from the Halons, inhabitants of the planet's light side, who are invading Delphi... 63

Dawn Raider for PC DOS

PC DOS 1990, Softstar

An okay top-down vertical-shooter from prolific Taiwanese developer SoftStar, Dawn Raider takes place in a futuristic world where the Earth is rife with civil wars that broke out among warring clans. The game won't dislodge Tyrian or even Silpheed from their lofty pillars of classic games in the genre, but it does offer a few hours of good ol' shooting... 97

Demon Stalkers for PC DOS

PC DOS 1987, Electronic Arts, Inc.

Demon Stalkers: The Raid on Doomfane is a top-down action, role-playing video game. It was released in 1987 for the Commodore 64 and in 1989 for IBM PC compatibles. It's a dungeon crawler based on killing monsters during the descent. The game can be played in either single player mode or two player co-operative mode. Players can choose to control either... 61

Descent for PC DOS

PC DOS 1995, Interplay

3D first-person shooter has a strong following due to its unique "six degrees of freedom" gameplay. However, because this gameplay can be challenging and strongly favors the use of a joystick, Descent never gained the popularity of more conventional ground-based 3D first-person shooter games... 174

Descent 2 for PC DOS

PC DOS 1996, Interplay Productions Ltd.

Descent II is a 3D first-person shooter video game noted for popularizing the use of true 3D rendering technology and providing the player with six full degrees of freedom (often abbreviated `6DOF`) to move and to look around. Originally planned as an expansion (and not a sequel) to Descent, Descent II added more weapon types, vastly improved robot... 486

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